If you’re a beginner in trading commodities, currencies, stocks or markets in general, the following information will save you from having to ask the same questions we have already answered from previous inquiries:

What is a margin account?
What are futures?
Am I buying actual commodities when I trade?
What is Day Trading?
What percent of traders really earn money trading?
Why do professional traders earn so much money?
Can I become a successful professional trader?
Is trading a form of gambling?
If your trading approach is so good, why are you promoting your trading knowledge and wisdom?
How much money do I need to get started?
What is technical analysis?
What steps can I take to help me trade successfully?
Can you give me some simple trading tips to get me going?
What questions do all traders ask the most?
What is a trading limit?
What does 'unable' to fill or execute an order mean?
What is meant by the term 'market risk?'
With respect to commodities trading, who are the commercial traders?
What do the terms 'even money,' 'premium' and 'carry' mean?
What does 'maintenance margin' mean?
What does 'backwardation' mean?
What the heck is 'double dip' anyway?
What are the different types of broker-traders?
What is meant by 'premium' and 'fair value'?
What are the most common attributes of successful day traders?
What do you say about fundamental analysis?
What are the things a day trader looks out for?
Would you please explain the commodities futures terms FND (First Notice Day) and LTD (Last Trading Day)?
What is meant by 'free float?'
What is meant by 'distributive conditions?'
What is 'spot deferred hedging?'
What is the Arms index?
What does 'window dressing' mean?
Okay then, what does 'portfolio pumping' mean?
What can the bond market tell us about stocks?
What is the 'Dogs of the Dow' strategy of investing in the stock market all about?
Is there any one book that you'd care to recommend?
What are ETFs?
What is the spot market?
What is the classic 'widows-and-orphans' investment?
What is the Elliott Wave Theory all about?
What is the world's most closely watched number?
What is the Wall Street benchmark?
What type of indicators are moving averages?
Who is your favourite broker?
What is a 'short squeeze?'
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