Hi Friend!  This section is being worked on.  Its purpose will be to make you aware of my new e-book, ‘How to Trade Like a Pro in One Hour,’ when it is available for distribution.

You can get your very own copy, when it is out, by getting on my mailing list.  Just sign up for my free e-book offer in the yellow window above.  That’s all there is to it.

The original version of my new e-book was scooped up by my members in record numbers over a ~15-year period up until recently.  Here’s what just a few said:

Greg Johnson of B.C., Canada:  “Pretty impressed with your book.  Really enjoying it.  Well worth the money.  Will read it again.  Deserves a second read.” 

Manny Dacosta of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:  “Buying your  book – the best thing I have done – getting me started right.  Trading techniques are great.”

Ernest R. Bean of San Jose, California:  “Great book.  I’m impressed.  A real eye-opener.  Great job!  Your book has it all.” 

Andrew Anderson of Ridgeway, VA:  “I have bought many books and courses that were much more expensive than your book and with no real substance like yours.  I’m sold.  You should sell it for 10 times more than the asking price.  You will never get this book back.  It has more than paid for itself.”

Daryl MacKay of Olathe, KS:  “Enjoying the book.”

Kiran Karnad of Bangalore, India:  “Thanks for the book.  I have been consistently reaping profits from the time I started reading it.”

Jason Holliday of Dale City, VA:  “Like your great book.  It has given me some good ideas.” 

John Kuzma of Anchorage, Alaska:  “All I can say is, WOW!… wish I knew that.”

Kris Whitfield of Cordova, Tennessee:  “Haven’t put your book down.  Exactly what I was looking for!  Seems much too easy.  Your method has worked so well.” 

There are many more testimonials like these at the testimonials link on my site.

I am rejuvenating my book with the latest and greatest trading hacks I have in my arsenal.  It will come out in the form of an e-book for easy distribution.  Be sure to get on my mailing list, as mentioned above, so that you too can be as excited as the people above.

If you have any thoughts on what you would like to see in my e-book, or if you would just like to communicate with me, by all means get a hold of me through the contact link on my site.  It would be a thrill to hear from you! 

To your profound happiness and success with your trading,


Peter R. Bain

PS:  See you at the bank and at the top my friend!

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