Hi Friend!  This section will be developed in the near future for the exclusive use by people like you.  Amongst other things, it will be used to deliver a regular newsletter chock-full of trading hacks.  More specifically, it will cater to YOU – in other words, I will address submissions from you and others – much like I did for my forex site in the AM Review.

There, I dealt with comments, all sorts of questions that were posed, trades that were sent in to me, and trading topics in general.  Similarly, you will have a chance to send in whatever thoughts you have on what ails you with your trades.

It will be a fun experience, as this new section of the site will cater to people like you who want to go one step beyond what I post in my regular blog updates, and delve into more in-depth discussions on specific ideas and issues.  It will give everybody a chance to have input to what is being presented.

I thoroughly enjoyed my AM Review experience at my forex site over the six years I hosted it, because it afforded me the opportunity to really get to know my members, and lifetime bonds were formed that exist to this day.  Not only did it give me a chance to impart my wisdom to my audience, but I learned one heck of a lot from the members, who taught me things that I had never heard of before.  I hope to have a similar experience here, and I know I will – thanks to people like you.

Let’s face it friend… I won’t live long enough to know it all, and I won’t live long enough to make all the mistakes myself.  I need your help, just as much as you need mine.  We’ll have a lot of fun with it.

My passion is anything to do with making money and trading.  No money – no fun, no life – but, let’s not forget about business associates, family, friends, neighbours, relatives and all round good people.  Those people are our priorities but, without money, we’re not of much use to ourselves or anybody else, for that matter.  Money can buy a whole lot of happiness for everybody concerned – and do a lot of good in the process.

So, stay tuned – it’s coming.  In the meantime, if you can think of any topics you want me to address, don’t be bashful.  Send them in, using the Contact link on each page of the site.  Thanks in advance.

I am thoroughly dedicated to your success!  See you at the bank… and at the top!

Peter R. Bain

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Peter R. Bain

I am a speaker, trader, writer,
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