Flora of Toronto is a customer of mine. She told me she is trading full-time. In fact, her husband is also trading now, and they are running their trading as a small family business. She said that she was down in the dumps, and desperate when she got her hands on my material, but she believed me when I said – that, if she worked hard, it would happen. She claims that she studied diligently, and then it all started to click. Now, she reports that she makes a profit every time she trades, based on what I taught her. She says that she listens to my every word, follows my advice faithfully, and that my teaching has turned her life around, for which she is eternally grateful.

You too can do what Flora and her husband have accomplished! Just believe it so. Dig in, and make it happen. I will help you all along the way.

Joe Oppedisano of Albany, N.Y.:  “Your book is great.”

Greg Johnson of B.C., Canada:  “I am pretty impressed with your book and techniques.  I am really enjoying your book.  It is well worth the money.  I would not own the stock MMI had I read your book sooner.  I am going to read it again… there is a lot of good material in it… it deserves a second read for sure.  Trades are finally back on track… I am making money for the first time in a LONG time.  Thanks for all your help.  You have been a real help.”

C.M. of B.C., Canada:  “Truly, when I read your Web site, I was excited.  Not only was yours the only book with the real information I was looking for that would make trading a no-brainer with a simple strategy, but it is also rare to find information on the Web… I had just paid $180 for some information that was secretive when yours, at a fraction of the price, lays out on the table what you are getting.”

Manny Dacosta of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada:  “Buying your book was the best thing I have done.  I read at least a dozen books on trading, and they only left me confused.  Your trading techniques are great.  Your book is getting me started right.  You are a God in my eyes.  I love your site also.

Well, it’s been seven months now, after getting your book and using your strategies trading only stocks, and I have doubled my account again.  Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your kind words on returning my purchase price if I trade live with your market maker, but Peter you have done wonders for me through your book, and I would refuse such a generous offer, as I will look forward to purchasing your next one.”

Jonathan Ong of Singapore:  “I will never trade again without first looking at what the Big Dogs are doing and your other advice… made me want to buy your book again!”

Doug C. of Ohio, U.S.:  “I have been in futures for about two years… not exactly the returns I could live off yet.  I think your book will be that piece… oooh it’s making sense.  Thanks for all your help.  I have been lost for some time.  It amazes me that someone who has done so well would take the time to answer questions for me and give advice.  You are a rare individual.  Most people, once they make $, they don’t have time for the starters like me.”

Wilf G. Maron:  “… just reading your excellent book, and I can say that this will be read many times, so that it sticks in my brain for a long time to come.”

Noel Aranas of New Jersey:  “It is my pleasure being a client of yours, and I look forward to many years of such a relationship, like your next book, etc.”

Danna Chiasson of L.A.:  “Really like the book.  I think the light is coming on.  You have been extremely helpful.  Thank God for people like you, who are willing to try and help others.”

Ernest R. Bean of San Jose, California:  “I’ve read a lot of books on trading, including some big names, but your book has it all.  It’s great.  I’m impressed.  It’s a real eye-opener.  You did a great job!  I recently sold cocoa short, and made money.  I am now into live cattle and sugar.”

Linda Domin of North Miami:  “I am buying your book because you, a complete stranger, seems to care about me more than anyone else.  Thanks for the personal touch.  You write beautifully.  Am impressed how modest you are.  Most writers are so full of it, and puff everything up.  Can’t put your book down.  I’d like to buy another copy for my girlfriend.  I refer your book to all my friends.”

Paul of the U.K.:  “I have been studying the accuracy of your (Big Dogs) indicator.  It is excellent.  Very powerful stuff, thanks for the tip.”

Orlando Bustos of Sacramento, California:  “I fully agree with you when you say – if you want to be winner in this business, you have to follow what the Big Dogs are doing.  Thank you very much for your book and all your good advice.  I do appreciate all your help and your willingness to help me out to find a way through my training.

I like the reading and the way you express yourself and your concepts.  I have read your book twice and everything you explain in it is exactly the way it is.  Your book has helped me to understand commodities in a way that could not have been explained better.  I recommend your book to anybody that wants to make money in the commodities market.

You were 100% so right about silver and soy bean meal.  You really know this thing Peter, and one day I will be like you.  I thank you for all your advice and coaching, which I really appreciate very much.

I was looking at a little rally to get rid of some March calls I have to at least break even with it.  I got those before I got your book.  All the learning from your book I have used buying wheat and soy bean meals, which generated the profits that were predicted by studying your book.

Please, when you are done writing your other books, let me know because I will buy all of them, because the price is nothing compared with the wisdom that people will find in them.”

Imadeddine Mukahhal of Beirut:  “I am really a satisfied customer.”

Andrew Anderson of Ridgeway, VA:  “It was a pleasure to talk to you today about your program and book.  I really enjoyed for once being able to talk to the author of a book that I bought on trading.  I have bought books and courses many times more expensive with no real substance like your book.  You are a godsend to me and my family.  Thanks for really opening my eyes.  You should sell your book for 10 times your price.  I’m sold.

There’s no way you will ever get this book back.  Your book and advice has more than paid for itself.  Peter, again thanks a million and God speed to you.

Your student has been studying 24/7.  Talking to you has really, really helped my learning curve.  I had read about some of this stuff before, but I didn’t have anybody to explain it to me.  This gives me a rush.  Thank you for all your help.”

Daryl MacKay of Olathe, KS:  “It’s nice to know someone is really on the other end of the email address and very responsive as well.  I’m enjoying the book.”

Kiran Karnad of Bangalore, India:  “Wow, that’s really 24 X 7 service alright.  Don’t you ever take a nap or go to sleep???  Frankly speaking, I hadn’t expected your mail before Monday.  You really astonished me once again.   I went through your site in great detail, and really you are one of the best tutors I can find.  You’ve really made things very easy in your short info on the Big Dogs, rules, stocks, tips, etc.  The words go straight in ‘BANG,’ could I say!

Regarding your pivots program, this is tooo good to be true.  It is working out just fine.  The good thing about the pivots program is that, in spite of all the ‘external factors’ in India, the values are highly reliable.

Up until now, I had never found a person to whom I could ask ALL the questions and be confident to get an answer that’s practical enough and that I can understand.  It’s been really lucky for me to have you as my mentor.

Apart from all the secrets that you’re teaching me, you are also confirming the fact that you are truly successful because of the care and patience that you show towards all your students and would-be students too!!!  I really appreciate that.  Thanks a lot for all the help and support.

I am going through your gem of a book, and am finding real good ideas.  You know, my brother also has started going through the book, and I think he will take to trading from now on, thanks to your book.

Thanks for the book once again.  From the time I started reading your book, I have been actually consistently reaping profits.

It’s really nice to know someone out there is thinking so hard to answer a query in spite of his busy schedule!!!  That’s remarkable.  I am learning a lot from you about customer service, apart from your trading knowledge.”

Jason Holliday of Dale City, VA:  “I like your great book.  It has given me some good ideas.  Thanks for responding so fast.  I originally bought _________________________ course, but your book and Web site seem more clear (especially since you respond so quickly).”

Brent Strouse of California:  “Last week, I took a look at your Pivots spreadsheet, and on Thursday applied it to the Swiss Franc.  It showed the pivot as 1.6735.  I bought at 1.6726/31 and, as you may know, it rocketed to the 1.17050 area.  It was great!  Last night, based on the pivot numbers from Friday, I sold the CHF at 1.7061/66, and picked up a quick 25 pips.  Later in the morning, I sold the R1 at 1.7175 with a tight stop, and it has since moved over 100 pips.  This is pretty wild.  I am making money, and I haven’t even gotten your book yet!

I trade the four major pairs EUR/GBP/CHF/JPY, and I am amazed at the numbers (your Pivots Program generates).  I wait for the price to push five or so pips past the number, then I sell or buy with a fairly tight stop loss of 10 pips.  Almost immediately, there is some kind of move in the other direction.  In the last few days, it has almost been as easy as ‘taking candy from children.’

I’ve used a number of methods to trade, but none have been so accurate as the pivot numbers.  At least up to this point, it almost seems like cheating.  Again, I appreciate your help!

I had another great night of trading.  I trade the London market hours, 2 am until 9 am Pacific time.

I still can’t believe how this works.  I came close to profitably buying/selling every direction change that the Swiss Franc made last night.  I’ve been trading spot FX for three years using several different systems that basically signal an entry right before a correction the other direction.  I’ve been looking at the pivot/support/resistance/ numbers and watching my usual method, and I can’t believe how bad it is compared to this.

As of Sunday night, I sold within a couple of pips of the high this morning on the Swiss franc; it has moved down 80 pips to one of the support numbers.  I don’t know if it works this way on the other markets, but it definitely does in spot forex.

Your pivot numbers and advice concerning the Canadian dollar I found to be very helpful – and even the essential missing link in my trading.  I feel I can now trade my day trading method with a clear picture of what is happening.”

Mohamed of Bahrain-Semaheej:  “Thanks Peter for the way you treat your customers.  I am sure that you have a successful business.”

John Kuzma of Anchorage, Alaska:  “Got your book last night… spent some time ‘thumbing’ and the rest, looking at where I might have gone wrong on my trades last year vs. the Big Dogs data.  All I can say is, WOW!… wish I knew that.”

Kris Whitfield of Cordova, Tennessee:  “I received your book a couple days ago, and I haven’t put it down.  Some very new and extremely cool information.  Exactly what I was looking for!  It seems to me that using the pivot points and knowing what the commercials are doing together could make for a very powerful trading system.

It seems much too easy.  (On paper) I made a lot of money last week, just following the numbers.  I must admit that your method has worked so well.  Thank you for being so helpful and generous with your time and knowledge.  I am very excited about the prospects of this new world of trading, and I have to thank you for the introduction.

Thank you for your support.  Thank you for being so giving of your time and expertise.  You have truly been a great help, and have given me much more than I ever could have asked for when I bought your book.  You are a true gentleman.”

Ken Weiner of North Palm Beach, Florida:  “I’m into my second reading of your book.  I wanted to thank you for giving me ‘my monies worth.'”

Anonymous:  “I’d have saved a bucket of money on Nortel, if I’d just listened to you!”

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