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Hi Friend!  This section is being developed.  The purpose behind it is to announce the arrival of my new e-book, ‘How to Trade Like a Pro in One Hour,’ when it is available.

You will be able to get a copy of it by simply making sure you are on my mailing list.  You can do so by signing up for my free e-book offer in the yellow window above.

The hard copy version of my new e-book took my members by storm for ~15 years.  Hear what just a few had to say:

Joe Oppedisano of Albany, N.Y.:  “Great book.”

Wilf G. Maron:  “Excellent book.  It will be read many times.”

Danna Chiasson of L.A.:  “Like the book.”

Ken Weiner of North Palm Beach, Florida:  “Into my second reading.  Thank you for giving me ‘my monies worth.'”

You can read many more testimonials like these at the testimonials link on my site.

I am bringing my book up-to-date, in the form of an e-book, with all kinds of new and exciting trading hacks that will rev up your trading mojo.  So, be sure to get on my mailing list.

If you have any ideas or suggestions that you would like me to incorporate in my new e-book, or if you would just like to shoot me an e-mail, you can use the contact link on my site.  It would be a thrill to hear from you! 

To your success, prosperity, health and happiness,


Peter R. Bain

PS:  See you at the top and at the bank!

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